Rooms to Explore

Experience your own
private sanctuary.

Indoor Rooms ~ Water, Fire, Spirit

Outdoor Rooms ~ Earth , Air 

Rooms to Explore

For safety reasons, we require a 2-person minimum in tubs. All Rooms are private, and include showers and changing area. Towel, soap, shampoo, and hair dryers are provided.

  • Enjoy state-of-the-art Hot Tubs in all five private rooms, with up to 108 jets, bubblers, and wave-action massage. Truly a sublime experience that relaxes and rejuvenates. 
  • Terrifically therapeutic as well, gently soothing aches and pains with hydrotherapy jets and whirlpools that are completely adjustable.
  • Elements' hot tubs are endorsed by the American Arthritis Foundation for relief of joint pain.
  • We use three systems of water purification and treatment: ozonators, ionizers, and chlorine (no bromine.) Water is constantly filtered and circulated, for quality that is crystal clear and pure.


Hot Tubs

Hot Tub for Two

An hour in any one of our five beautiful rooms. Indoors, there's time to also enjoy the infrared sauna, or steam room in addition to a nice soak.
Outdoors, a bit more time to watch the leaves in the breeze, or study the stars.

60 minutes$70.00

Hot Tub for two: 30 Minutes

May be enjoyed in any one of our five beautiful rooms. A nice soak during a lunch break, after work, before dinner or the cinema.

30 minutes$50.00

Hot Tub for 4 Friends: 60 Minutes

Here's a great way to enjoy each others' company and assure some relaxed time for good conversation and warm cameraderie. All of our hot tubs easily accommodate a party of four and up to eight. Parties over four need to reserve a minimum of 60 minutes.

Four Adults$100.00

Children Tubbers

We welcome children over the age of 5 (who are familiar with hot tubs)with adult parents or guardians. There is a minimum charge for two adults, plus the children.

Children 5-12 years$5.00

Earth Garden Room

Air Garden Room

Fire Room

Water Room

Spirit Room