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How hot is the water?

All of our hot tubs are set at 104 degrees F. This is the maximum level permitted by Massachusetts regulations. Hot tubs at this temperature are NOT recommended for pregnant women and others who may have contraindicated conditions. Please check with your physician if you are unsure. The temperature is not adjustable, as it takes hours to raise or lower 350-420 gallons of water!

How is the hot tub water sanitized?

Elements tubs are sanitized with three distinct processes: chlorine, ozone (certified safe for indoor use) and ions of silver, zinc, and copper (through an ionizer.) We test and adjust many times each day to assure safety and quality. All of the water is circulated through the ionizer and filters at least every 12 minutes, as a circulation pump is running at all times.

Do we need to bring bathing suits, towels, soap, or other items?

We provide all-natural soap & shampoo, towels and hair dryers. You may bring your own bathing suit if you like, however the rooms are completely private.

Can we add bath salts or other products to the spa?

NO! The hot tub water is very carefully balanced and sanitized. Any addition of salts, soap, oils, or other products can easily affect the quality and useability of a hot tub. For the same reason we ask that all clients take a cleansing shower with the soap provided before entering the tub. It’s important to remove hand-lotions, after-shaves, deodorant products, etc.

Are the outdoor tub rooms open in cold weather?

Absolutely! If you’ve never experienced the bliss of a hot tub on a snowy evening, or under a light rain, then please give it a try! Remember, the water is 104 degrees and after a nice soak, you’ll be plenty warm even when you get out and get dressed. The shower and changing areas are roofed-over; the hot tubs are open to the sky.

What is the cancellation policy?

As we value your precious time, we ask you to value ours and provide appropriate notice in the event you need to cancel or move an appointment.

We require 24 hours notice to cancel or move a service with a service provider and 12 hours notice for a hot tub, sauna or steam reservation. If you cancel outside of these windows you will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee that will be applied to your credit card or gift certificate on file. If we are unable to capture that payment we may require you to pay in full for future bookings at manager’s discretion.

What is the age requirement for hot tub rooms?

We ask that children be at least 12 years to use the hot tub, sauna or steam room and must be accompanied by an adult.

What kind of Massage do Elements therapists offer? What if I’ve never had a massage?

Elements massage practitioners offer a variety of modalities — Swedish/relaxation (long, gliding strokes and deeper smaller strokes) deep tissue, hot stones, sports, and prenatal. Our Signature massage is generally a blend of relaxation and deep tissue. Before your massage begins, you will discuss your specific needs and desires with your therapist, so that they can tailor your massage to your preferences.  We encourage you to discuss any questions directly with your therapist ~ all information is strictly confidential.

If you have never had a massage before, no problem! We love introducing clients to the benefits of massage therapy, and are happy to help you feel comfortable in any way that we can.

Do I have to get completely undressed for a massage?

No ~ you may dress down to your comfort level. Traditional relaxation and therapeutic massage is done with lotion or oil directly on the skin. However, you may leave a layer of clothing on if you prefer, and the therapist may be able to massage your muscles through your clothing. Clients are fully covered and draped at all times during an Elements massage ~ only the body part that is being massaged is exposed.

Is massage good for everyone?

Therapeutic massage offers a variety of health benefits, in addition to being delightful and relaxing. However, massage can be contraindicated for some people. Massage is not appropriate for individuals with contact dermatitis or other skin conditions. There are also areas of the body which may be locally contraindicated, such as varicose veins and bruises. If you have just been injured massage may not be appropriate. If you are under a doctor’s care for any condition, please check with your provider to see if massage will benefit your health, or is contraindicated (either temporarily or permanently.)

How often do you recommend receiving therapeutic massage?

Massage therapy is a valid complement to optimal health maintenance, as it stimulates blood flow, encourages muscular fitness, and helps to integrate your entire body, mind, and spirit. Depending on your specific needs, your therapist may recommend monthly, weekly, or more frequent visits. Elements has discount programs for clients who want to book regular massage appointments. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Is tipping appropriate and accepted?

Tipping is gratefully accepted, and appropriate when you have had a wonderful experience. Tipping is always at your discretion. The rate varies, though most clients leave about 20%. Tips may be placed on your credit card, or cash may be left with the Customer Service staff to place in practitioners’ envelopes.