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Our Skincare Facials

At Elements Spa we work with the FarmHouse Fresh and IMAGE Skincare to deliver exceptional facials! Every facial comes with a skin analysis, and is personalized for what your skin needs, and what best suits your goals. Product recommendation and education is included.

Facials Menu

FarmHouse Fresh

For those that are extra conscious of what they put on their skin, the products are 99.7% natural, vegan, and everything they make is sulfate and paraben Free!

$70+ | 50 minutes

Cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, high frequency, mask and moisturizer

Suggested skin type:

$80 | 50 minutes

Super-drench and replenish your skin -natural, nutrient-rich-instantly boosts overall radiance. Fabulous for those of us with dry, sensitive skin or rosacea.

Suggested skin type: Dry, sensitive skin or rosacea.

$65 | 30 minutes

3 steps to feeling fresh! Cleanse, Exfoliate, and moisturize. This facial includes signature Farmhouse Fresh products to help give your skin a boost. This facial does not include extraction, steam, or high frequency.

Suggested skin type:

$80 | 59 minutes

The medium-grain powdered volcanic pumice polishes skin smooth, while Red Arizona Montmorillonite Clay soothes and tones skin. Willow Bark Extract brings a refreshing feel that gives skin a poreless-looking finish. Red, blotchy, and oily skin – you’ve met your mask. Splendid Dirt® is a natural, nutrient-rich pot of Illite and Bentonite clays, fresh enzyme-full organic pumpkin puree, and active yogurt cultures that instantly boosts overall radiance by deep cleansing pores, temporarily shrinking their look, and improving the look of uneven skin tones.

Suggested skin type: Red, blotchy, oily skin

IMAGE Skincare

IMAGE Skincare, and Elements Hot Tub Spa  is committed to fostering a sustainable future. All materials used to create every product box is Forest Stewardship Council® certified and sourced from responsibly managed forests.

$75 | 30 minutes

Polish away impurities and restore natural radiance to skin on the go! This luxurious flash facial is infused with powerful super antioxidants and key organic ingredients, so all you can Age later the natural way.

Suggested skin type: Perfect for all skin types.

$135 | 50 minutes

This comprehensive treatment combines our stable tri-vitamin C blend with correcting exfoliating agents, plant-derived stem cell technology and deeply hydrating ingredients to treat redness, inflamed and dry, dehydrated skin. This concentrated essence is infused with a power blend of vitamins, amino acids and plant antioxidants, along with a red rose wine complex to diminish the look of fine lines, dryness and dullness. The hydrating formula delivers maximum antioxidants for radiant, healthy-looking skin.

  • Lightweight gel texture drenches skin with hydration and locks in vital nutrients
  • Features a blue-green algae extract and a triple-mineral complex
  • Supports the appearance of vitality and glow
  • Provides multi-vitamin benefits with essential vitamins, amino acids, green tea extract and natural skin brighteners
  • Power blend of plant antioxidants delivers daily defense against environmental damage
  • Red rose wine complex fights signs of aging, including fine lines
  • Gives maximum hydration to combat dryness and promote radiant, healthy-looking skin

Suggested skin type: All skin types, including rosacea.

$140 | 50 minutes

Bring your dull skin back to life with this luxurious oxygenating treatment that refreshes and revitalizes for a radiant, luminous appearance. This is a great option if you are new to peels. A gentle exfoliating gel peel with fruit extracts that provides an effective revitalizing treatment for dull, lackluster skin. Helps to roll away dead skin for a smooth, bright and rejuvenated appearance. An effervescent masque that bubbles on contact to refresh, revitalize and brighten the skin. With its oxygenating effect and mineral blend of magnesium, copper and zinc, it helps to smooth skin texture and the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Revitalizes dull, lackluster skin
  • Removes impurities
  • Helps to brighten the skin
  • Smoothes the appearance of wrinkles and uneven texture
  • Gives skin a rejuvenated appearance

Suggested skin type:

$120 | 50 minutes

This comprehensive treatment combats all grades of acne, combining powerful antibacterial peptides and salicylic acid with soothing anti-inflammatory botanicals. Perfect for treating oily, acne and acne prone skin. Soothes the skin and strengthens its defenses against damage. Kakadu plum and beet root extract are multi-benefit antioxidants that give skin a healthy glow. Nutrient-rich organic grape water and hyaluronic acid restore balance and hydration to dehydrated skin. Built with the ORMEDIC PROMISE: contains select certified organic ingredients, avoids unnecessary ingredients and supports a stronger skin-barrier with a balanced skin-neutral pH.

  • Restores balance to dehydrated or irritated skin
  • Delivers daily antioxidant protection
  • Strengthens the skin’s defenses against environmental damage

Suggested skin type: Perfect for treating oily, acne and acne prone skin.

$120 | 50 minutes

This mask contains an infusion of botanicals, peptides and antioxidants to support the look of smooth, luminous and youthful skin. Japanese-sourced waters are naturally high in minerals that nourish the skin. Potent botanical extracts help to brighten the skin’s appearance. Newly improved hydrogel design. The perfect addition to every IMAGE Skincare regimen. Hexapeptides are wrinkle-fighting peptides that help to diffuse the look of wrinkles, promoting the appearance of smooth, healthy looking skin. Brightening botanical extracts support luminous, radiant skin. Onsen-Sui and Jeju volcanic waters are naturally hydrating and rich in nourishing minerals.


  • Hexapeptides
  • Botanical extracts
  • Onsen-Sui water
  • Jeju volcanic water

Suggested skin type: All skin types, dry/dehydrated, sensitive, dull, post-treatment, post-chemical peel.

$170 | 50 minutes

A blend of pumpkin, pineapple, papaya, and mango fruit enzymes and peptides in an organic aloe vera gel base. This non chemical peel rebalances, regenerates and restores skin while comfrey plant derived stem cell technology recharge your skin’s stem cells helping to maintain youthfulness of skin. This clinical treatment combines the latest innovations in Advanced Delivery Technology alongside exfoliating and purifying products to correct all forms of aging without drying the skin.

BENEFITS: Organic aloe vera as a delivery system with pumpkin pulp as an exfoliator. Polypeptides provide maximum rejuvenation and hyaluronic acid adds moisture.

Suggested skin type: Unbalanced, irritated, sensitive and dull looking skin.

$100 | 30 minutes

This exfoliating gel removes dead skin with natural AHAs, poly hydroxy acids and rose quartz micro-crystals.  combines enzymatic, physical, and chemical exfoliants to refine and renew dull, uneven skin. Absolutely excellent before a big event! Powered by fruit enzymes, hydroxy acids, rose quartz microcrystals, and bamboo powder, it offers our most advanced and thorough exfoliation to remove dead skin. The granular gel-based formula leaves skin tone and texture refined and smooth. A refreshing menthol derivative provides an instant cooling sensation upon application.

  • Accelerates the removal of dead skin with physical, enzymatic and chemical exfoliation
  • Re-texturizes and helps to even out skin tone
  • Boosts radiance in dull skin
  • Helps improve the appearance of sun damage and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Menthol derivative provides a clean, cooling sensation

Suggested skin type: Uneven, dull, mature skin.

Add On Features

Additional: $25

Also known as manual lymphatic drainage, relieves swelling that happens when medical treatment or illness blocks your lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage massage involves gently manipulating specific areas of your face to help lymph move to an area with working lymph vessels.

Additional: $15

A ‘non-surgical facelift’ to boost the skin without having to undergo surgery or injections. The device or messenger has a chrome base that conducts the galvanic current directly onto the skin. The treatment helps to improve hydration levels and blood circulation to the face.  galvanic currents boost the effectiveness of most any skin treatment. It can be a great anti-aging treatment.

Additional: $15

FarmHouse Fresh sugar scrub with a cooling cucumber mask to help lips feel soft and smooth.

*All prices are subject to change.