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Herbal Wraps

The benefits of heat and medicinal herbs combine to deliver therapeutic relaxation. Melt away as hot towels, steeped in organic herbs, are placed over your body while you are wrapped in a thermal blanket. Enjoy a gentle head and foot massage, or Reiki, as the herbs work their magic.
$85 / 30 Minutes

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Sugar Scrub

Our sugar scrubs are relaxing, exfoliating, refreshing; like a facial for your whole body! Choose your favorite scent.
$115 / 60 minutes
$140 / 90 Minutes

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Ayurvedic Body Treatment

A deeply, integrative body treatment from ancient India to balance and restore your body, mind, and spirit. It includes a gentle, raw-silk-gloved exfoliation, a warm herbal-oil massage specifically suited to your personal constitution and followed by a warm clay body mask.
$175 / 90 minutes

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