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An energetic healing practice used to promote balance throughout the human system.
$60 / 30 minutes

*Also available as a 30 minute add-on to any massage.

Body and Soul

$105 / 60-minute Reiki-infused massage
$150 / 90-minute Reiki-infused massage

Master Healings

This session is a journey into your Creative Healing Process. All aspects of your imbalances will be addressed on a physical, emotional, mental, & energetic level. The Practitioner will use their training & experience to facilitate change. As one’s body is touched and given permission to unwind, an internal dialogue becomes apparent. Surrendering & softening to those aspects of ourselves which no longer serve us creates space for new levels of awareness & compassion to unfold. This session will trigger an empowering healing process through physical & energetic bodywork.

Sheila Simon has over 30 years of experience in the field of Wholistic Health & Education. Dedicated to a path of realization & transformation, Sheila extends this dedication to others to aid in the unfoldment of their full potentiality. She invites you to come & experience an empowering healing process.

$250 / 90 minutes

$300 / 120 minutes